Take Action Ministry
How we do it

How we do it

We walk a road with our partner centres, the care givers and the children in their care.

We meet with them frequently and assess where they are at in their growth process, using the analogy of the tree:

From Root to Fruit


  • Assess if the basic needs such as access to food and water are being met.
  • Introduce the care givers and children to the Good News of Jesus Christ.


  • Determine what steps are needed to help a centre meet the requirements of the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development to ensure that they are operating safely and legally and to help them become eligible to receive funding from various sources.
  • Make a plan with the centre to complete these steps.
  • Provide access to trainings and resources to help a centre fulfill their vision and mission.


  • Encourage centres to build on their own strengths.
  • Provide programmes for children at centres that have shown a readiness and willingness to participate.


  • Encouraged centres that in turn help the community around them with the training and resources they have been given, by starting their own training programmes, community forums or celebration days.
  • Educated children that can contribute to their community in a meaningful way and realize their God-given potential, breaking the cycle of a negative lifestyle of poverty and vulnerability.

Partnerships with other NGOs

We are always on the lookout for organizations that are already solving a specific problem and find ways to work in partnership with them rather than duplicating services by going our own way. We also endeavor to work with relevant government departments to make sure that the centres we partner with, are operating within the norms and standards prescribed for them. This is done to ensure that centres are operating safely and legally for both their own protection and the protection of the children in their care. Working within the parameters of the government departments also increases the eligibility/likelihood of a centre to receive funding for its programme.

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